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Mr. Francis E. Ellingsworth, Inventor and CEO of the Travel Angel app commented, " Airline travel is becoming very confusing and in some cases violent for Air travelers. The airlines are bullying paying passengers. threatening their children to be taken away, and even injuring paying passengers and removing them from flights." This is absolutely the time where  Air Travelers need to stand up and know that they have Fly Rights. Stop being bullied by the airlines and know your Rights . The Travel Angel app will guide you through all the steps and you will have access to your Fly Rights right in the palm of your hand. The Travel Angel app will make your Traveling that much easier and you now know your rights. The Travel Angel app is here to help you get fully compensated for all the Airlines interruptions, cancellations, over-booking, and remember the Airlines entered into a contract with you when you booked your ticket.If they fail to fulfill that contract you are owed up to 4 times the price you paid for your ticket.Safe Travels and Download the Travel Angel app Today and share on all your social media.  Thank you ! 

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The Travel Angel app was created to inform airline passengers that when they purchase an Airline ticket there is then a contract put into place. If the passenger fails to meet their end of the contract, such as a no-show, inability to travel,or loss of ticket, the passenger is penalized by the airline in the form of non-refunding the money spent on the ticket, and then being placed on a "stand-by" list for the next available flight, or a change fee to alter their travel dates. When the Airline fails to live up to their end of the contract such as , delayed flights, giving away paid passengers seats, disruption of passenger travel and vacation plans, not getting the passenger to their final destination at the time promised on the ticket which is a contract. At this point the passenger is legally allowed compensation from the Airlines. This is a Federal Law. You need to talk to a supervisor and request cash not a voucher. Tell the supervisor you know your Federal Fly Rights and show them the Travel Angel app.

Mission Statment "A traveler without observation is an Angel without wings "


Download the Travel Angel app and you will have access to all the wonderful features the app has to offer. You will have access to your Fly Rights, Uber,Terror Alerts, Homeland Security, Hilton Hotels, Marcus Hotels, Universal Orlando, Car Rentals, Travel Insurance, Trivago, Pet sitting, TSA, Open Table Dinner reservations, Daily news, Whether alerts, Placencia Resort Belize, and much much more so download the Travel Angel app today and share it with all your friends. There are New features coming monthly .

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